3D is a business (card design)

Networking equals sharing business cards. Your card is your statement, your first impression and your physical ground in a digital world. A good design embodies all of these elements. But how do you translate a client brief into a memorable collectible?

From client brief to solid concept

The example I will use in this article, is a brief I got from a befriended kinesitherapist in Belgium (België). He asked me to ‘create a business card that was sportive and contained a piece of the human body’. I searched for inspiration in motion design and concept art. Sports brands such as Nike and Adidas became a big source of inspiration. After some research I collected images that inspired me.

Then I gradually came up with a concept of a running man that exists out of many complex circuits. The vast amount of lines and tubes represent the great amount of strings that the human body is made of. The kinesitherapist is a specialist who has the knowledge about all of these components. He knows how to treat these (play or touch the strings) to provide the best treatment. Of course this concept might seem far-fetched, but it certainly helps to ground your ideas in some bigger meaning that makes sense to you and your client. See this as a great thought to start exploring from.

Exploring the possibilities

The use of 3D and a motion graphics feel is quite unique for a business card. I created a 3D model of a running man and I explored multiple positions and angles.

Once I was happy with the shape and movement of the character, I explored different materials for the tubes of the body.After this I experimented with color palettes and different lay-outs.

Moodboards provide inspiration and guide the project towards a cohesive style pattern

3D Design Phase

Product Presentation

Refining the final design

The clients gives feedback and that translates into the creation of the final design. In this case, two business cards were picked as favorites. One of them in vibrant, blue colors and the other is a combination of black with warm and glowing details.

Looking back on this project, the hardest parts were the creation of a solid concept and defining the lay-out of the business cards. Once these two elements were in place, a lot of alternate variations could be made. Check out more design work on my portfolio page.

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